Show Us Your Life - Front Porch

It's another fabulous version of Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner!
So as you know I just moved to Texas!
And well, I'm still getting everything settled.
Right now, I don't exactly have a front porch - we live in an apartment.
And my back porch is a work in progress.
Currently it has nothing but a grill and two folding chairs.

So I figured I'd share pictures of my dream porch - courtesy of Pinterest!
I'd love to be able to incorporate elements from all of these.
I want something comforting, relaxing, inspiring and classy.
That's a tall order lol!

Ok, time for the wish list.
Seriously, what's not to love about this?

I am absolutely in love with the pillowy swing. Not so much the fish lamp haha!

This looks like heaven to me! Ahhhhh.

The perfect setting for a lovely, lovely dinner hangout party.

And this. This is just precious.

What's your dream porch?


  1. I could sleep on any of those porches. Im like you, comfy and cozy

  2. I want these porches, but I live in an apartment, too. I'm not wild about the fish lamp either, but I do want the porch swing.