Antique Alley...Who Knew?

this my friends is the goodness that is antique alley that took place this weekend.

have you heard of it?
it happens twice a year in texas.
37 whole miles of antiques and yard sales.
pastures upon pastures of booths with wonderful items for sale.

holli found out about it through a little boutique business that she follows on facebook.
we've been planning this trip for weeks.
our honeys were supposed to tag along. but saturday night/sunday morning, my honey was puking his guts out. and holli's honey had had a long week...so it was just us girls.
truth be known, the guys wouldn't have enjoyed it quite like we did.
and lord knows they wouldn't have lasted all day!

as with anything like this, there were some awesome booths and some not so awesome booths.

holli and i got there right around 8am and left around 3pm.
and that was only about 6 miles of the 37! hahaha!
i got some amazing deals. amazing i say!
i took $100 with me and here's the loot i walked away with:
(i'll have a post completely dedicated to pictures of those items and how they've been incorporated in my house)

  • an awesome vintage wooden bed in great condition = $20
  • the perfect turquoise chair for chris's office = $5
  • a lovely array of empty picture frames (4) = $25.50
  • 2 turquoise shelves = $18
  • fabric shreds to make garland with = $2
  • 4 planks of junk wood to create something awesome with = $4
  • 2 shutters = $5
  • a fantabulous old window - missing a pane = $5
  • the cutest sleeve for my laptop = $2
  • sheet music garland = $4
  • fresh cherry limeade = $2 (what? it was hot!)
  • tin bucket = $3
yes friends, all that for less than $100! whaaat?
let's just say i have lots of crafting to do!

this was one of my favorite booths of the day.

 everyone needs a random wagon, right?

after several hours of shopping, we needed to refuel.
we were in the middle of nowhere and there was this little restaurant.
ell's place.
they had delicious handmade burgers.
holli had one called the wyatt earp, and well i went with just a good ol' cheeseburger.
and who couldn't forget the sweet tea!

on our way home, we stopped at this estate sale.
we passed the cutest little church. i just loved it.

and then there were cows. 
i super heart cows.
there was a precious little calf nursing and i took a picture of it.
however, i spared you from it because momma wouldn't stop licking it's booty.
so no calf picture on the bloggy. ;)

holli and i had so much fun!
she got some pretty awesome stuff herself.
it was so funny - we had that truck loaded down!
we had to purchase a ton of bungie cords to hold it all down.

we've come to the conclusion that we're junkaholics.
we're currently working out a way to find free junk - sell it on craigslist - and boom, there's our spending money for junkin'!
rest assured we'll be gearing up to give it another try when it comes back next april.
so. much. fun.


  1. :O Must.stop.drooling. I want everything I just saw in those pictures. WHY ISNT GEORGIA COOL ENOUGH FOR THAT?!?!

  2. That is awesome! Congrats on your finds! I'm a little jealous over the bed frame. We went a few years ago although a little too busy to go this past weekend. Guess I'll have to go in the spring!
    Here is my post on when we went:

  3. I'm a junkaholic too!! This is awesome!!! I would love to know when the next one is!!! Glad you girls had a great time!! Love your pictures too!

  4. Welcome to Antique Alley!!! Y'all were in my stompin' grounds! I live in Cleburne and I was really bummed that I did not go this time around! I went in April though...although it's hard not to go since it starts/ends in my town (depending on where you start) ;)

  5. Wow.. I have never heard of this... I bet it was a lot of fun!! I am pretty sure I'd need more than a day to get through all that fun!
    New follower & Texas Blogger too!

  6. Holy Moly! I wanna go with you next time! Where was this? Maybe I can convince hubby to let me road trip it next year... *fingers crossed*