Goodness and Greatness!

it's been a beautiful week here in the great state of texas.
most of the week, wallace and i have been working outside on the deck.
he's so handsome.

in october, i participated in a fun craft swap.
you know how i love a good craft supply!
my awesome swap buddy, marilyn, sent me a fantastic package!

so i open the box to see this cuteness!

and then the goodies inside just made my heart so happy. everything in shades of teal.
ah, heaven!

we've got beads, paint, handmade coasters, glitter, tape.....
happiness i say!
and molly cat likes it too! 
she's a photo bomber.

much to my surprise when i checked the mail yesterday, i had my target beauty box!
i had completely forgotten that i signed up for this!

it was full of beauty samples and a super cute little cosmetic bad.
for free!
there's really nothing better than a fun package in the mail!

over the weekend i had a super fun photo shoot with some of my cousins. 
the key to a great photo shoot is fun.
and fun is exactly what we had!

of course this week i headed out to vote. 
in ga we get cute little stickers with peaches.
kind of sad not to get an awesome sticker, but i'll take it!

and then just because, the cutest little fella!
this is a pic i snapped a couple of weeks ago when i was hanging with my nephew!
look at that smile!!!


  1. Yay! So happy you liked your package :) Martha Stewart glitter is one of my crafting faves! Thanks for participating in October PP!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I love finding other wives seeking out the Lord!! Can't wait to read more :)

  3. Wallace looks like he's supervising. And Wallace needs a hug from his new Aunt Dusty! Howdy Friend! Came to say hi from My Holliwoods blog!