shaping up the schedule

i'm a planner. seriously, i get some major anxiety when things happen outside of my plan.
yes, me and god have lots of issues with this. generally, he tends to have his own plans and laugh at mine.
but i'm working on it.
ok, let me give you a little perspective....i try to plan "spontaneous" trips.
well planning it makes it not so spontaneous now doesn't it.

i decided this week that i needed a bit of an overhaul.
especially after my emotional fiasco of a week last week.
so i have created a schedule for everything in my life.
working out, menus, homework, housework, dinner, etc.
and i'm really, really excited about it.

but i'm even more excited about some rewards i have in place if i achieve certain things.
i've always talked about doing a reward system, but never actually set the rewards.
i'm pretty pumped about it.

so i'm sharing it here with you all..well, because i need a little accountability. every goal has absolutely nothing to do with food. i need it that way. one of my major problems in life is that i turn to food for comfort or celebration. so needless to say, my week last week resulted in a weight gain...i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that i ate skillet queso and salsa from chili's on my own last week. in achieving these goals, i'm still working on my 2013 word of the year - jesus. therefore, jesus needs to be my comfort, not chips and queso. or bread.

ok, if i stick to my schedule completely for 1 month, then i get a new sports bra.
if you're a big busted gal, then you know the importance of this. there's gotta be a better way than doubling up like i do now. and it's a hefty investment...well like $60+, so i need to show myself that i'm committed.

then here comes the fun ones.

15lbs lost - a new outfit
30lbs lost - spa day - facial and massage
45lbs lost - buy and WEAR a sleeveless summer dress (i do not ever, ever, ever show bare arms)
goal weight - 60lbs lost - a new wardrobe. these clothing items will be required to come from Ann Taylor, New York & Co, Express, etc. All clothes that never really fit me right, as i am now.

but what i'm really excited about is the system i have in place for how to afford the rewards! i'm going to put $10 away for every pound lost. so i will weigh myself weekly, and if i've lost 5 pounds that week, then i'll set aside $50.
so by my first goal, i'll have $150 at least to spend on a new outfit.
then by goal 2, i'll have $150 to go towards my facial and massage.
by goal 3, i'll have $150 to go towards a new dress, which will most definitely be under $50!
so if that happens, then by my goal weight, i should have $150 to go towards my new wardrobe. now i'm a bargain shopper, so i'm sure that my first goal new outfit will not cost $150. and if i get a good deal on my sleeveless dress, that's more money in the pot. so i'm estimating that i should actually have at least $300 when it comes time for the new wardrobe. and of course my ann taylor loft items will come from the outlet store...and on a sale day!

i am so so so excited for this!


  1. This is a great idea! I love all your rewards.

  2. One - new blog name and design? I love it! And two - good for you girl! This will give you some serious motivation. And of course it's a much better motivator than food. And better for you too, obviously!! I'm also working hard on my weight loss journey right now. I may try to steal this plan, at least a little bit. I know you can do it! We can both do it!!

  3. This is a great idea! Whatever you have to do to motivate yourself.

  4. Love the new design and the new name. You can rock those goals too!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can read about it here: http://immovingalong.blogspot.com/2013/01/second-liebster-award.html