dandelions and mondays.

in exactly 4 months I will be 30. FOUR months!!!

how did this happen?
this is problematic, and let me tell you why.
i set these awesome 2013 goals, because it was the year of 30.
i have done none of them.

years ago i created my 30 before 30 list.
i have completed 8 things on the list. EIGHT.
what is wrong with me?

so now the pressure is on. not in a "complete everything you can" kind of way, but i HAVE to create a new way of thinking. i have 4 months to get serious about working out and being more healthy.
i refuse, and i do mean REFUSE to enter my thirties as a fatty.
they say your 30s are the greatest.
well then, i am fully prepared to let them be great!
next year is our 10 year wedding anniversary and i want to take a big trip.
and part of going on that big trip is me being skinnier.
let the madness begin!

and on another note...

frankly, mondays have a bad reputation.
everyone hates mondays.
so to lighten your sad monday, i give you.....


see, weeds can be beautiful.
so let your weed of a monday be a beautiful one.


  1. "they say your 30s are the greatest"

    Sweetie, ALL our years are the greatest! right now, I'm embracing the 50s. They're grand, by the way.

    And life isn't about finishing a list, it's about keeping a list going forward, equally balanced with things we want to do and things we want to do for others...Praising and thanking God for his abundant Grace and Blessings along the way!

  2. I feel a sneeze coming on...

  3. You can totally knock some of those off your list with no problem. You should go to a 49ers game in the fall so you can knock off West coast AND NFL game in one trip.