little man dog.

i haven't given a wallace update in a while.
you know, my little man dog.
he seriously is just like my child.

i mean seriously, look how handsome he is.
i know, i know...i'm one of those sick pet people.
but he is handsome.

 photo IMG_0263_zpsa8a72f43.jpg

we had a little photo fun in the back yard with him before we moved.
frisbee is his absolute favorite.
he'd play all day if we'd throw it.
well i lie, he gets tired and will lay down and sleep in between.

 photo IMG_0275_zps7716351e.jpg

ok, this may very well be one of my most favorite pictures ever.
we were playing with the dandelions and apparently wallace was having a grand ol' time.
look at him! closing his eyes and smiling while chris blows dandelion wisps all over his face!

 photo IMG_0317_zpscc83eccb.jpg

and then he was just looking so cute sitting in the bed, i had to continue taking pictures.
i mean he's just simply darling.

 photo IMG_0329_zps660afe46.jpg


  1. He is just so cute! Love that last shot! By the way, thanks so much for the follow back on bloglovin'; appreciate it! Hope you have a great Friday :o)

  2. His red whiskers around mouth are precious!

  3. Post pictures of his new haircut!!!

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