Gifts. A Thousand of Them.

wheweee! yesterday's post was a bit heavy, for me at least.
but joy comes in the morning right?

i'll be sitting on the beach in 4 glorious days, so joy it is!
school is done til june, so i literally have a month to do things at my leisure.
and believe you me, my kindle app is dying for me to read the stuff i've been adding for "later" the last few months!

one book that i just couldn't wait til the beach to start is called "one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp.
i have been chomping at the bits for this one.
it seems like i've seen it everywhere in my life lately and a few people i know have read it and raved about it.
so sunday night i dove in.
and while i'm only a few chapters in, can i just tell you that it's totally rocking my world.
like seriously cutting me to the core.
and it's only adding to my whole "accepting the unacceptable" outlook.
it's beautiful.

i've been writing pages of notes as i read because i don't want to forget these things.
the sheer power of thanksgiving.
not the holiday, the action.
the realization that it is through our thankfulness that we experiences the fullness of our salvation.

can i get an amen up in here?

i feel pretty confident that this book is going to be making lots of appearances here...it's just too good not to share.
and you should definitely jump on the wagon too!

***i was not paid nor did i receive any incentives for sharing about "one thousand gifts". i truly am loving it and simply wanted to pass the love onto you all fine people!***

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  1. AMEN!!

    I've read one thousand gifts...but I need to read it again, and again and again!