the month of may is definitely not one of my faves. my mom died May 1st, 7 years ago. and 6 years ago today, my granddaddy died. not to mention the dreaded mother's day which is a double whammy for me.

can i just tell you...i miss this man.
my granddaddy.

he was the first man to steal my heart.
my "father figure" as a child.
my rock.
and well, it just sucks that he's gone.

(this just happens to be one of my all time favorites. i have a wedding picture of him looking at me the same way.)

i used to think he was magical because granny would take me shopping and write a check. and well logically, granddaddy worked all day so he could magically put money in the bank for the checks.
ah, i love it.

he bought me my first (and only) pair of roller skates. they were white with purple wheels.
yeah, they were legit.
i would spend hours skating through the parking lot of their condos.

he had a strict bedtime of 9pm. granny an i would stay up and watch movies in the summer after he went to bed.
usually because he had the braves games on, and well you don't turn off baseball for a chick-flick.

he was really sick for about 11 years leading up to his passing.
he had a stroke and that started it all. it was quite a roller coaster ride.
he went from being the man of the house to my granny having to do so much for him. and yet, he had the best attitude about it.

he got him a scooter. he was very nosy, so one day he decided to ride his scooter to a nearby construction site and "supervise". apparently he thought he could do anything in his scooter, so he took it off-roading and flipped it, breaking his shoulder.

all the while, granny thought he was sitting in the driveway.
oh that man. he was a hoot and everyone loved him.

(my graduation day)

so so so very many memories. and not a one of them is bad. i loved every minute with my granddaddy.
and he loved me.
we were a pair i tell you!

i'm just glad he's up there keeping mama company until we're all reunited again someday. ;)

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  1. Keep those memories alive by writing them down. He sounds like a good man.