checking off the bucket list!

y'all. i've been a weepy mess this week.
there are quite a few factors to this madness:
the anniversary of mom's death
the anniversary of granddaddy's death
mother's day
a crazy work week
college graduation

all. this. week.

needless to say, my emotions and hormones and stress level have been on overload.
poor chris had to deal with my ugly cry at dinner last night.
he knows when that lip puckers up....it's a comin and there's no stopping it.
he saw it happening, and bless him, he said "oh no, no, no, please don't do that!"

i bawled all over the land of public places yesterday.
the post office.
the mother's day card isle at walmart.
my couch.
the dinner table.

i think i'm a bit weepy in general because a major milestone is happening this week. 
i've been working on this dang bachelor's degree for 11.5 years.
seriously...who takes that long!?

but honestly, as i reflect, i'm kind of glad. 
i don't fit into a perfect mold and for far too long i kept trying to.
it's like that toddler toy where you try to match the wooden blocks with their shapes.
and i think i've finally let go of that for a bit.

and as i reflect, it brings me back to that lovely old 30 before 30 list that i created years ago.
i have 4 months left of being 30 and i've really done a lot.
in addition to the "x" marks, i accomplished a few others:
i got that other tattoo
i went to paris
i graduated college
i ran part of a 5k - that counts right?
i had those 30 days of quiet time with God - it was actually 42.

in all reality, i'm pretty proud of the things i have done in these 30 years.
it's been nothing short of adventurous.
i've lived in 3 states, moved 14 times.
we kind of go where the wind takes us.
we've traveled.
we've had fun.

and now, quite honestly, i'm a bit more excited for the next 30 years.
at some point, you have to stop desiring God's path for other people and embrace the one He has for you.

so to God, I say "let's do this."


  1. Scratch that 5k off your list!! You totally ran a 5k!!!!

    Im so excited about your week!! It is going to be AWESOME!

  2. You went wine tasting when we were at Broken Bow. That counts! Girls Gone Wine