It's Here!!!!

Hey friends! I've missed you so much.
Life has just been, oh you know, slightly chaotic.
There was graduation, vacation, the getting back from vacation, AND THE WORK FOR MY NEW PROJECT!!!!

Remember a little while ago I told you about Curvy Moi, a website/blog for the curvy ladies?

Well I am happy to announce that it launched this week!!!!


You can CLICK HERE to check it out.
And then add it to your feed reader, or favorites, or get it to your inbox by signing up for email. And follow us on instagram, pinterest and twitter too!
*shameless plug*

But for real, if you or anyone you know could use a little encouragement, fashion advice, or a safe place to vent, send them over to Curvy Moi.

I have to say, launching this has oddly made me very vulnerable and I wasn't prepared for it.
I've been so excited for launch day, but then when my friends/family complimented me on it yesterday after it launched, it felt strange.

I guess because I've tried for so many years to fit in with everyone else, and this kind of pulls me out and showcases the one thing I've hated about myself for my whole life.
But this is just part of my whole journey to accepting me for me.
I'm a curvy girl, always have been and probably always will be to some extent.

It's not a blog advocating an unhealthy lifestyle, but rather one that encourages women where they are.
The truth is, we all have something we wish we could change about ourselves; but that doesn't mean that you should be miserable with life as a result of it. So while I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds, I am also working to love myself in the midst of the changing; to stop beating myself up every day; to stop making ugly comments to myself in the mirror. It's time for me to be nice to...ME.


  1. I love that you and your friend did this. I'm excited!