Wedding Pictures Are Here!!!

The pics from the wedding I shot a few weeks ago are slowly but surely making their way to blogland. Click here to see a few. I will upload the rest tonight! Happy Monday!


Free Lamps!

Everyone - big news! You need to head over to the Fantabulously Frugal blog and check out today's giveaways! You get to choose from 3 lamps to be entered to win! Check it out!!!

A Very SERIOUS Addiction

I am ashamed to say I have fallen into the trap of Twilight! OMG it is soooo good. So Monday I read book 1. Yesterday book 2. I'm getting 3 tomorrow and just don't know what I'm going to do until then. I can't believe how they draw you in and you just can't put it down!!! So, I officially love it. AND I officially want an Edward Cullen of my own!!!

Last night I had to force myself not to read - I had to accomplish those "goals" Chris left me! Haha! I'm happy to say it is finished!

So the other day, Chris and I sat down and compiled a very detailed list of how to decorate our apartment. This makes me happy. We hope to have it complete by the fall. I think that would help me a lot with my moods lately - it just feels so bare right now. So, I've decided for a French them in the living room. I cannot wait! Maybe we can go ahead and start painting!

Oh yes, and more exciting news. The photo book from the wedding I did last month and it looks awesome! I am going to try and deliver everything to her this weekend, so once that's done, I'll post pictures.

Happy Wednesday!


This, That and the Other

hello blogworld! it's monday - time for a new week to begin. ah, the weekend just wasn't long enough.
yesterday chris left to go out of town for a few days with work.
so i spent my first night alone in our apartment. definitely interesting. of course my eyes were playing tricks on me and i swore i saw shadows in the dark. finally i made myself go to sleep and shut up. it's bad when you annoy yourself! ;)

yesterday, for father's day, i went and hung out with chris's dad. it was also his little brother's birthday. we spent the entire afternoon at the pool - it was so nice and fun! i'm really thankful that i have a great relationship with my in-laws that it feels like i've always been a part of the family. chris's dad has been more like a father to me than i've ever had. so of course i would want to celebrate father's day with him!

i must be having a bit of a rough week. i have emotionally been all over the place this past week. i hate father's day as much as i hate mother's day but for completely different reasons. mother's day is because i no longer have a mom. father's day is because i have no special father memories. the step dad i had growing up maybe only said a handful of nice things in the 17 years i lived with him. being as i didn't meet my real dad until i was 19 and he lives 700 miles away, it makes it quite difficult for us to work on any kind of relationship. anyway, just one of those weeks.

so now it's monday. a new week. a week that should be very exciting!
my photos from the wedding i shot are finished. however, i don't want to post pictures until i deliver them to her, which should be this week. so by next week, i will definitely have some photos up both here and on my photo blog.
also, i ordered new business cards and those will be in this week too! it's little, but very exciting to me!

one more funny thing....chris left me with "goals" to complete while he is gone. bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! that is so hilarious to me! he is giving me goals! don't worry, they will not be accomplished. guess he'll just have to help me when he gets back!

happy monday everyone!


Lauren and Chris head to Washington

Sooooo, we had so much fun in Washington, DC! Great to be home tho! There is SO much to do that it's overwhelming. You definitely need a detailed itinerary! We stopped in Raleigh, NC on the way up and slept over. Got to DC thursday afternoon and tried to do a little on our own. So exhausting because everything is so far apart and it sucks when you don't know what's going on. So Friday we took a bus tour - much better! We got to see the whole city and actually find out what we were staring at! We stopped for lunch on the river in Georgetown - loved it! The whole trip was great! Here are a few pics from our adventures:


DC Day One

Ok so here's a few important things we learned here today:
1. Chris learned the difference between an icee and a slush puppy-- I asked for a cherry slush puppy and he comes out with a cherry icee! BIG difference
2. Read address of where u are going before trying to find--we drove around for 20 minutes trying to find 1635; the address was 1625
3. The Metro: now this was interesting. It's full of tons of people all minding their own business--except for me of course. I was trying to figure out everyone else's story and that's when the albino girl got on! I did not know they were real! She was a real life albino! Red eyes and white eye lashes! I was so inteidued with her! I tried to get chris to take a pic-- of course he wouldn't.

Just had to share all that before I forgot!

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I Need Help!!!!

Ok I need some help. I am trying to re-do my photo blog and I have seen blog templates with tabs at the top that goes to a new page. Where do I get that template????


Sneak Peak

Here's a taste......
it takes a while to go through almost 2000 pictures! More to come!


Well I made it through the wedding photo shoot! It went amazingly well. It was so funny, I was fully expecting to be a nervous wreck and I wasn't at all! I owe that to God I do believe. See, I believe when you have a sincere passion for something, it is a passion God has put in your heart. So I knew that as long as I recognized that, everything would go smoothly...and it did!!!
I will post some pictures soon I promise! It's a little daunting to go through the 1912 pictures I took!!!

AND, who knew how utterly exhausting this would be! It was an outside wedding, so I was in the humid heat from 1-8. Long day. BUT SO WORTH IT!

Anyway, thanks for everyone's support! I'm ready for the next wedding!


Way Too Much to Do!

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by your to-do list? Well it just kind of hit me today. See right now I hate the decor of our apartment. It's just so...blah. There is a TON of stuff I want/need - especially from IKEA! Here are just a few things I'm totally in love with there!
Coffee Table:

Book Shelves:

Dining Table and Chairs:

Artwork:Chris and I are in love with Paris, so until we get to go back, we'll just have to bring Paris to us!

So, my goals for the summer:
Organize the spare bedroom (this one is a doozy)
Pool time
and at least one trip to a beach somewhere!

Now, where to start?


A Big Weekend Ahead...

...and it's only Tuesday! But LOTS of preparation for Saturday. I am photographing a wedding on Saturday at the John Oliver Michael House! The couple is just darling and I absolutely can't wait!
However, there is so much prep work to be done. Batteries charged, checklists upon checklists, etc,etc,etc.
BUT I am soooo excited. Now I just need to get a bunch scheduled for 2010 and 2011. During that time, photography will be my only source of income. So anyone who knows anyone that's getting married....send them my way! I can travel outside of GA if needed! Engagement sessions are free with a wedding booking!!!
I can't wait to throw some pictures up here!

I'm also really excited because next week we are ordering my new business cards and launching my new website for "Lauren Thomas Photography"! Then it's all about marketing!

Let's see, what else is happening.....
Oh yes, our D.C. trip is just a week away! Yippee! We are so excited! I will definitely be on photo overload!
The weather has been beautiful...finally! We got in a little pool action in the midst of craziness. Last night we went for an evening swim with the Laxton's! Tons of fun! We swam until baby Ellie's lips turned purple! It was time to get out!! :)

As for the rest of the week - major focus time for Saturday. And I have great hopes that the pool is in the plans for Sunday afternoon. Ahhh, yes. Relaxation!

Happy Tuesday!