Revamping the Real

so for 2012 i have really been making an effort to eat more whole and less processed. i've blogged about it a time or two HERE and HERE.
i have to say that all the craziness with the move to texas got us waaaaaay off track.
and so it's time to bring it back.
last week we got a grill and for some reason, we eat much healthier when we can grill it.
something about grilled veggies tastes so much better.

since moving to a new town, i don't know where the best places are to buy organic.
thanks to my new friend jenny, i have some answers.
oh and by the way, you should totes visit her bloggy. it's got all kinds of wholesome goodness.
apparently our little town has a farmers market every saturday.
well don't you know i had to go!

we bought strawberries, blueberries, green beans, new potatoes, some beef, honey, and jalopeno cheddar bread!
we've officially decided that this must be part of our weekends....every week!

and then there was food, inc.
chris and i have been avoiding watching it like the plague.
i think chris was afraid that it would ruin some of the food he loves.

well we watched it.
and i'm pleased to announce that chris is 100% on board with the new lifestyle.
a couple notable quotes from chris after watching it:
"you will be going to the farmers' market every saturday"
"i'm never eating out again unless i know where the food comes from"

i'm super excited about this new adventure.

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